True Christians (Score: 2, Insightful)

by on 2014-11-10 05:55 (#2TYT)

Most calling themselves Christians are actually not Christians. They just have their names written into the church books as that might benefit them somehow. Or because they falsly believe they are saved if they just are in the church books (and not living a Christian life). Christians are called Christians because they do follow the example of Christ. Their motivation for doing this is their love towards God and the people around them. Most however do no effort nor having that love.

Now if you take true Christians, the poll is very obvious. A true Christian would never lie as that did not their master (Christ). Also the commandments given by Christ would forbid them to lie. They would thus do their very best to avoid any lie. Jesus also told his followers to treat other in the way they want to be treated themselves. Nobody would want to be led into wrong direction by false result, thus they would do their very best to avoid mistakes. The Bible also say everything we do we do it for God, so a true Christian would try to be as dilligent as possible in order to do as much as possible for his beloved God.
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