Obama speaks out on Network Neutrality

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President Barack Obama has spoken out on the topic of Net Neutrality, and
he advocates for an Internet that is free and open. That's a bold move in this political environment!

It would seem that the President is interested in keeping a free and open internet without sweetheart deals. Now if only the FCC listens to the President and the many other Americans who have commented on this matter. Now, what about the other big, Internet-heavy nations that enjoy the benefits of being connected. Who will be the next to speak up? And does Obama's opinion mean the debate will swing in the direction of consumer benefit, or will the corporations have their say?

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by tqk@pipedot.org on 2014-11-13 17:13 (#2V21)

"How often do protected monopolies result in innovation, lower prices, or good customer service?"

It's certainly not working so far. You do realize that most of North America is currently "served" by essentially protected monopolies and duopolies, yes? It's hardly a free market. The telcos have bought politicians who write laws in their favour, they've divvied up the market between each other and only barely (if at all) bother to compete. Europeans get far better at a much lower price, and they have real competition between providers.

Google's shown them what's not only possible but what's achievable with their Gb fibre experiments. Only then do the telcos feel threatened enough to say they'll match it.

It's a "regulatory captured" market. The head of the agency that's supposed police the industry to protect consumers is a former telco lobbyist.
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