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Recently, Soylent News discussed adding more labels to the moderation system. Although opinions on “Disagree” and “Factually Incorrect” may still be varied, nearly everyone supported the addition of a “Spam” label.

For Pipedot, we've gone ahead and added the later. Moderating a comment as “Spam” will decrease its score by one and flag it for further review by an editor. This way, normal users can greatly help the editors identify junk comments.

Once an editor marks a comment as spam, the message will be “hidden” one step deeper than the normal “Hide Threshold” slider setting. However, comments are never deleted. If you want to continue to see all comments, including the spam, click the “Show Junk Comments” checkbox on your profile settings page. Similar to the current blue (new) and gray (seen) rendering, the title bar of junk comments will be colored red to easily differentiate them from the good stuff.

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<blockquote>Ultimately though it's still an arms race, and the spammers will adapt...</blockquote>
<a href="">We're on a mission</a>.
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