DEA tracking millions of drivers across US

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In 2008, the Drug Enforcement Agency created a program to automatically read and monitor vehicle license plates near border crossings in California, Arizona, and Texas. Federal authorities explained that the system would be used strictly to track the movement of contraband and money by Mexican drug cartels. Today, however, the system has been secretly expanded to hundreds of cameras and scanners far away from border crossings, from Georgia to New Jersey to Florida. The resulting database tracks the movement of millions of vehicles — maybe yours — throughout the United States. Who says that bureaucrats don’t know how to take an idea and run with it?

According to documents and e-mails obtained by the American Civil Liberties Union, the vast database can be searched by any participating police agency. No search warrants are required, and no court supervises the system’s management. Not that long ago, the idea of maintaining such information on the movement of law-abiding citizens would have been universally derided as a police state tactic. Many of the same politicians who rush to the microphones to denounce Facebook or Google for using “personal” data to help sell consumers shampoo or Doritos are proving awfully quiet about the proliferation of government databases on private citizens.

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Well more folks are gonna have to get out the word, simple as that. I started on Soylent but frankly they are swinging farther left than Slash and when its coming from a socialist commie pinko like me? You KNOW its too damned far left! That is what happens when you end up with a couple of Social Justice Warriors in positions of power, it ALWAYS comes down to political agendas and pushing their beliefs...I swear SJWs are worse than fricking Scientologists! this site seems a lot more like what those of us escaping Slash wanting but there really needs to be more getting out of the word, hell I wouldn't have even known this existed if a Soylent poster wouldn't have mentioned it...maybe somebody should contact the sites beyond and try to get pipe listed?

While I don't have the strength ATM to crank out a bunch of articles (had to have a wisdom tooth extracted via surgery as it was wrapped around a major nerve, needless to say OOOOWWWWW!) what I CAN do to help out Pipedot is let the guys here in on a little secret on having tons of timely articles IF you want this site to be actually about tech as opposed to political BS. Just go to Dailyrotation and Freshnews, these two feeds will give you dozens of timely relevant articles to choose from in everything from science to OSes, hardware to networking, just grab a handful of those and spend 20 minutes whipping up a summary and tada! Instant relevant news. Again I'll be happy to help when I'm not going "OOOOWWWWW son of a bitch!" or being woozy from painkillers but until then it'll be an easy way to keep the line a rolling.
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