Guess my distro (Score: 1)

by on 2015-02-06 23:44 (#2WXZ)

I will avoid systemd at all costs, You might think I live in Soviet Russia when I say I won't run it because it has hookers (begging for digital STDs) and blackjack (taunting financial loss/downtime hell and you can't win) :3

So far my distribution is safe-ish until 2017 or so, maybe 2019 and I have some hope that they have the wisdom to avoid it since they and it exist because they've avoided other awful things of a similar nature. I think and hope Linux will survive (and systemd die) but it has made me more interested in BSDs and surprisingly GNU/Hurd.

If I ran serious servers I would have moved to BSD already. Congratulations to those that have. Thank you to the companies that have started offering BSD-based alternatives for their services.

Can you guess which distro I run? And hip hurray for the subscript button woohoooo!
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