Apple entering the car business

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story imageYou've got an Apple product on your desk, and you've got another in your pocket. You might even have one on your wrist. But is the next step something for your garage?

Many outlets are reporting that Apple has recently indulged in a spate of poaching, picking up battery and automotive engineers from leading car makers and battery suppliers in the EV industry. That leads to more than just casual speculation that Apple is working on an automotive product of some sort. Will your next car be an Apple product? At the moment we don't know much, but it is beginning to seem at least a little bit likely.

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I will be on this bandwagon as soon as Apple finishes laying down enough roads such that I can drive to work. On the bright side, at least having to stop the car; roll the windows down; roll the windows back up again at random intervals won't be required.
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