Great idea (Score: 1)

by on 2019-06-03 16:02 (#4GDFY)

Self-driving cars are the future - it's crazy that we all drive around in our own tin cans! Accidents just waiting to happen. In 100 or so years it will look mental that we each had our own little car, and they could all reach much higher speeds than was safe or necessary. So dangerous. Can't wait for full automation, all cars perfectly sensing where others are on the road, slowing down and speeding up in synch with each other, leaving the perfect amount of space between each vehicle, avoiding stopping and starting all the time, tail-backs, hold-ups, traffic queues, bumps, scrapes, parking disasters, etc. Everyone nice and slow in total control. Will be life transforming for elderly people, disabled people, people who can't drive/ don't want to drive, people after a few drinks etc.
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