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The latest set of site updates have reworked font sizes to make it easier to configure larger text rendering.

All font sizes on the site are now specified in relative units (em) and are now now scalable using the "text size" feature of your browser. Due to rounding errors, this change slightly increased many of previous the font sizes.

A user configurable "Large Text" checkbox was also added to your profile settings page, for those that want even larger text.

These text scaling options will not scale other elements of the page, such as images. Use the "Zoom" function of your browser to scale all elements on the page equally.

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by on 2015-03-23 21:37 (#5JQB)

I will second that, noting that when past UI changes caused a problem with mobile display Brian fixed it within a day. If you see a bug in Pipedot then report it:
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