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Police departments across the United States are easy targets for hackers who infect their computers, encrypt their documents and give them a deadline to make a payment to decrypt their data. Over the weekend, some Maine police agencies reported having to pay ransom to hackers in order to keep their files. In Tewksbury, Massachusetts the police chief said he paid a $500 bounty to get back the department's data.

The National High Tech Crime Unit (NHTCU) of the Netherlands’ police, the Netherlands’ National Prosecutors Office and Kaspersky Lab have been working together to fight the CoinVault ransomware campaign. They have been able to obtain data that can help you to decrypt the files being held hostage on your PC, providing both decryption keys and the decryption application. For more information see this how-to. Note that new keys will be added in the future:



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by lmariachi@pipedot.org on 2015-04-22 21:06 (#7M2E)

Just restore from yesterday’s daily offsite backup. What’s that? You don’t do that? Guess your data wasn’t all that important to you then.
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