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Today, Google unveiled it's long anticipated mobile phone service, called Project Fi. However, Google is not building their own network, but relying on the existing Sprint and T-Mobile networks. Because the service can intelligently switch from one LTE network to the other, depending on signal strength, access is initially limited to Nexus 6 owners. Project Fi phones will need a cellular radio that can work with different network types and support a unique SIM that grants access to multiple networks.

The new service will cost $20 a month for unlimited voice and text, plus $10 a month per GB of data used. Interestingly, any unused fraction of data transfer per month is refunded at the same flat rate. For example, if you only use 200 MB of your $10/month data plan, you get an $8 refund.

Another interesting tidbit is how the service uses Wi-Fi. They claim voice calls can transition seamlessly between Wi-Fi hotspots and cell networks. Google has apparently cataloged over a million access points and will automatically connect you to verified hot spots. Also, all data transferred while using an open Wi-Fi hotspot is automatically encrypted through a built-in VPN-like service.

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Also means it'll have the same limited area service as Sprint and T-Mobile, neither of which is worth much here in Montana.

I've had T-Mobile -- reception was decent, but could not get voicemail in any roaming area.

I've had service via a Sprint reseller -- worst reception ever. Zero to two bars when anything else got four, and 3-4 bars when everything else got five.

So I feel less than enthusiastic on those counts.

As to the cost -- maybe if they'd offer phone only (unlimited) and BYOP (I'm not interested in buying another phone for their service; I already own Sprint and T-Mobile specific phones). I'm not interested in paying $10/GB to use a crappy phone interface.

And where the hell did the Moderate button disappear to??
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