Corporate World excited about desktops in the cloud

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The folks at "Talking Cloud" (who are coming at the subject from an obvious bias) point out that corporations are looking more and more at a corporate desktop environment where desktops are in the Cloud.

With more and more users needing access to traditional Windows applications inside the corporate firewall, the rise of Desktop-as-a-Service may be the future for your average worker bee.

Re: Central Point of Failure (Score: 2, Informative)

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That article from 1968 was spectacular! As I wrote on comp.misc, I'm a fan "in theory" of the centralized computing model. Certainly it makes maintenance and admin easier, reduces the chances that some employee will leave your customer database in a strip club/bar, etc. But I have worked for most of the last 10 years in Africa on some really awful bandwidth connections, and here it would be a non-starter.

It's a reminder to me you need resiliency and backup and all this cloud horsesh*t doesn't provide either. If your desktops are in the cloud, one busted telephone line that takes down your ADSL connection buys you a snow day. It just doesn't work.

Personally, I'm still on the "keep the servers in house" bandwagon, because at work they migrated us all to Office365 cloud solution by Microsoft, and it's been pretty imperfect. We've even had some trouble with things like wrong certs blocking access, etc., it's been a hassle and I'm not happy with it.
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