Netflix is running ads, which it insists aren’t ads

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story imageNetflix has confirmed that it's publicly testing ads (for now just trailers for Netflix-original series) both before and after shows. What you see as a test subject varies in length and whether or not it's skippable, so it's not certain just how tolerable these promos would be. However, Netflix is quick to note that a lot of things are up in the air, and that you might not see these clips at all

However, the ad trial is likely meant to open the door to new pricing options that do more than tweak the number of simultaneous streams. Netflix could offset price hikes (and undercut streaming rivals) by launching a cheaper, ad-supported tier; alternately, it could compensate for slowing growth by asking you to pay more for ad-free viewing.

Screw you, Netflix (Score: 5, Insightful)

by on 2015-06-03 13:39 (#ABD5)

Yet another basically user-friendly firm gets too big for its britches. Well, guess what, Netflix: the pirate scene is thriving, and it's totally ad-free. I don't watch ads, I don't.

Remember when DVD producers thought it would be profitable to start your DVD with 3 or 4 non-skippable previews etc. Then it got worse. Disney films are the absolute worst: before your kid gets to watch Aladdin you've got something like 10 other blurbs to get through.

Screw you, big media. I hope you and your adverts all choke on a bag of dicks.
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