Re: Additional sensors for dynamic HVAC (Score: 1)

by on 2015-08-17 20:28 (#HNJ5)

Indeed. Instead of investing in an expensive and complex set of electronics,
I don't think it should be expensive or complex. I think it should be stupid simple. and require no more skill and no more cost than installing a smoke alarm. It doesn't need a google sized data center to process temp info... Heck a raspberry pi would be overkill in terms of processing power.

The office I work in now, is a credit to how terrible professional systems can be.

Also of note, My existing system is already highly efficient. For my personal needs I want this change due to comfort rather than cost. The temp of the current area the thermostat is in isn't representative of the whole house at all times. Maybe if I replaced the windows, added a whole house fan, and an attic fan, that would help as well. But the cost effective solution probably isn't a new HVAC system.
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