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There has been a lot of drama going on with SoylentNews lately. The nominal founder, Barrabas, wanted to create a for-profit business, but the majority of volunteers wanted to avoid the potential for another sell-out which lead to the Slashcott in the first place. Due to conflicts with those volunteers, Barrabas has sold the domain to a new and unknown owner. If a deal between the mystery domain owner and NCommander and his volunteer 'Overlords' cannot be reached, the Site Formerly Known as SoylentNews can be found on the default Linode address.

Re: Khyber (Score: 0)

by on 2014-03-14 03:46 (#HY)

Stick with ass, because I did that to expose you drama-mongering fools, and you took every last bit of it and ate it, then asked for more.

As you see by the uninformed assholes in this entire thread talking about a DDoS from me when one of the site operators comes in saying it was a botched DNS transfer.

It's far too easy to expose the ignorant and easily-led, which is why I did it, to show that a huge chunk of the SN crowd is not very bright. Looks like part of the pipedot community is working the same way, too, as evidenced by the comments in this story thread.

Hook, line, and sinker.

I thought you'd all be smarter than this.
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