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by on 2015-08-26 07:55 (#JFW9)

Just looked into the math, and had a flashback to when I was 17. So if you have N choices, your top pick gets (N) points, second pick gets (N-1), third gets (N-2), etc. The total number of points possible is the sum of all consecutive from 1 to N, which is equal to: [N*(N+1)]/2. For a poll with ten options, a total of 55 points are distributed (10*11)/2 = 55.

Not sure how it works if you don't assign a choice to each of the ten options, but the fact that the current total of points, 677, isn't divisible by 55 evenly says to me borda polls must only assign a total number of points equivalent to the sum of N, even if N is less than the total number of options.

Yay, math. My brain hasn't totally atrophied (although it seems well on its way).
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