Grsecurity stops issuing public patches, citing trademark abuse

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story imageThe gurus behind the popular and respected Linux kernel hardening effort Grsecurity will stop providing their stable patches to the public. In future, only paying sponsors will get access to stable patches to shore up their kernels' defenses. The test series, unfit for production use, will however continue to be available, to avoid impacting the Gentoo Hardened and Arch Linux communities. The project's full source code will still be released to the public at large, but non-sponsors will have to pick through every update to find out what's applicable to them.

The whole situation stems from WindRiver, a subsidiary of Intel, which "has been using the grsecurity name all over its marketing material and blog posts to describe their backported, unsupported, unmaintained version in a version of Linux with other code modifications that haven't been evaluated by us for security impact." After spending several thousand on legal fees, faced with "a huge legal team, the capability to drag out the case for years" and a threat to request "all available sanctions and attorneys' fees" were the lawsuit to proceed against them, Grsecurity decided pursuing the case through the courts was not practical.

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Well, quite honestly, I think you are showing signs of paranoia and persecution complex. I actually appreciate some level of gibberish clean up on sites like this. I used to think that no censorship anytime any where on any site was the way to go, but slashdot quickly disabused me of that idea. Quality discussions don't happen by accident, even though some level of trust of the editorial staff is required that they are not removing valid comments to skew the discussion.
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