MA Fires CGI for Health Connector Site Failures

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"CGI Group, the Montreal-based IT consulting company behind the botched rollout of the Federal site, has been removed from the Massachusetts Health Connector project. This comes about two months after being removed from, and a few weeks after CGI admitted the MA site 'may not be fully functioning by the end of June, and that one option under consideration is to scrap the multi-million-dollar site and start over.'

Like Oregon's similar troubles , Massachusetts uses paper submissions as a workaround to meet Federal sign-up requirements. 'The paper backlog fell to 21,000 pending applications, from 54,000 two weeks ago.'

If you are in the US, have you used or a State equivalent? If you are not in the US, do you use similar online systems in your nation?"

NY State of Health (Score: 1)

by on 2014-03-18 18:50 (#NP)

I'm in NY and used our state health exchange site. While I was eventually able to get it to work, the user interface is very poorly designed and un-intuitive. I also twice encountered HTTP 500 errors which required me to re-login and start the application process over again.
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