Cable TV subscribers down for the first time

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The Cord Cutting movement , in which people choose to do away with cable TV packages in lieu of entertainment provided over the Internet, seems to be picking up the pace. In 2013, the number of American cable TV subscribers dropped for the first time ever, and by the impressive amount of 105,000. A recent report by the Leichtman Research Group finds that the top nine cable companies lost about 1.8 million video subscribers in 2013 (more than they lost in 2012), while other providers gained some users, for a total (net) loss. 2013 was the first year numbers dropped.

Just a blip on the radar? Or the beginning of something more?

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by on 2014-03-23 22:12 (#RV)

I think it's about 15 years off cable for us. We seriously do not miss it one single bit. We declared the money saved each month to be our DVD budget, and we rarely cut into that too deeply. We have half a wall of shelves full of legitimately purchased DVDs and we saved money - rather a lot of it - in the process.

Take that, Rupert Murdoch, you slimy SOB.
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