NSA Spied on Chinese Government and Huawei

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story imageGermany's Angela Merkel isn't the only one riled over recent revelations of American surveillance and data gathering. Turns out The American government conducted a major intelligence offensive against China , with targets including the Chinese government and networking company Huawei.

Edward Snowden is the source of the revelations, as reported to German daily Spiegel. Among the American intelligence service's targets were former Chinese President Hu Jintao, the Chinese Trade Ministry, banks, as well as telecommunications companies. But the NSA made a special effort to target Huawei.

According to a top secret NSA presentation, NSA workers not only succeeded in accessing the email archive, but also the secret source code of individual Huwaei products."

Re: Not a big deal (Score: 1)

by norstadt@pipedot.org on 2014-03-24 04:44 (#RW)

I followed the link and do not see the double standard. We bitch about their hacking, and they bitch about ours...

Openness and transparency are generally praised, especially when they apply to governments. Their value is not automatically diminished by being the product of espionage. Of course it's different if a government trashes it's legitimacy by spying on its own citizens. But as far as I know, Chinese citizens and companies have no privacy rights with respect to the US government.
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