Teen Girls Face Charges After Beating Video Shared Online

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story imageThe Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) has reported on a potential case of cyber-bullying in Beloiel, Quebec . In a modern twist on high-school interactions, two girls took turns beating and mauling a boy in their school parking lot while the other videotaped the confrontation on a cellphone. The boy chose not to fight back. When posted to Facebook, the video got thousands of views.

Sgt. Harry Wadup of the Richelieu-St-Laurent municipal police force said the girls are facing charges relating to issuing threats, assault and inciting violence.

While bullying does happen in many settings, and bullying in school is something we have all likely witnessed or experienced, what is the motivation for sharing bullying videos on the internet? What can an understanding of the problem do to help potential bullies not go down the "bullying" road?

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by quadrox@pipedot.org on 2014-03-31 13:29 (#WB)

Ah, I didn't realize the video was available in the article (or at least parts of it). From what I can tell the boy did as I wrote, and he didn't really get beat up as such. Sure he got hurt, but he was clearly able to walk away with no trouble at all (note: I did not watch the entire video).
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