Online Payment Provider Refuses VPN Users Citing Fraud

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Australian company now refuses to process payments for VPN users. The software used by the rejects payments originating from a known VPN IP address as it is "high risk" and may be an attempt to conduct fraud. A representative has stated that users need to disable VPN software to make online purchases. The Australian government recently started logging internet and phone activity. Australian politicians have recommended using a VPN and other secure technology to ensure privacy online.

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by on 2015-12-25 22:20 (#YS64)

I think this type of problem is one of the biggest reasons (after, of course, not knowing about VPNs or why to use them) people don't use them more frequently. Ironically, if everyone used VPNs the payment provider would have to stop as people would shop elsewhere and online stores that use them would be up in arms at the lost revenue.
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