Article 3TTYX Get your Battle Pass! Fortnite's Season Five is here

Get your Battle Pass! Fortnite's Season Five is here

Jason Weisberger
from Boing Boing on (#3TTYX)

Fortnite Season Five is off to a blazingly ridiculous start! The beginning of a new season is the best time to buy your Battle Pass! Get to work!

Fortnite is fantastic fun. The 100 player Battle Royale mode sports fantastic gameplay physics and mechanics on Xbox, PS4, Nintendo, PC, and Apple iOS. The game is packed with hilarious animations, dances, actions, weapons, and locations. Backstory and Easter eggs are ludicrously sprinkled all over the map in a manner that is only additive and addictive, but doesn't impact gameplay at all. There is deep strategy to be learned, skill to be developed, and a massive eSports prize pool to aim for, or players can just build a crazy ramp and try jump a shopping cart across half the map.

Fortnite has it all.

I have been frequently asked if folks should buy the available-in-game Battle Pass. For $10 the Battle Pass is a bargain! You will immediately get a character skin and a few other items of bling, but the real value is the series of challenges and rewards that are super fun and fulfilling over the next 10 weeks. Adding some 'progression' and goals to a game this is otherwise just a constant repetition. 'Drop on the island, find loot, try to survive' gets a corollary "I need to blow 3 people up with plunger grenades" or "I have to dive through 20 hoops as I skydive down to the island." Occasionally the challenges are crazy fun, or just plain weird. The seasonal appearance of Island Gnomes and their chittering creepy voices makes me want to complete that task quick.

Completing whole sets of weekly tasks also gets you bonus loot. You do not need any of this loot to win at Fortnite. While the game plays exactly the same without decorative loot, the challenge/reward system adds a lot of fun!

Keep at it and sooner or later you'll be racking up wins and 'dancing the L' on pools of loot left by eliminated opponents.

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