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Looking Forward to a Price Decrease (Score: 1)

by on 2014-04-11 15:48 (#11Y)

I love(ed) my WRT54GL with DD-WRT, and set up a number of family/friends with the same router/firmware combo. It was replaced a while back, due to wanting 802.11n and also due to concerns that the hardware itself was getting quite long in the tooth (I was paranoid of immanent failure), but it's still sitting around the house somewhere, gathering dust, simply because I'd grown attached to it.

The replacement router, while pretty to look at (not necessary, but a nice thing to have when the router sits out in a plainly visible part of the room), is not able to take third-party firmware. Not having DD-WRT has been a hardship. It's so wonderfully tweakable and gives me so much control that I find myself continually frustrated by the limitations of the factory firmware on my current router.

I'm pleased to see the release of the WRT1900AC, but its current pricing scheme is indeed very cost-prohibitive; I'll certainly not be running out to buy one immediately. In time, of course, the price will come down to something I can stomach, but how long that will take may well depend on how popular this router proves to be, and I have a feeling it'll be very popular. I could end up waiting a very long time to get one of these.

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