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Prime has me hooked (Score: 2, Interesting)

by on 2016-02-29 14:03 (#15GJX)

When gas prices soared to the point when I factored in travel to the store to buy stuff. Do I spend $10 in gas for a $8 part? I found Amazon Prime to be a big cost savings on items that I could wait for. We were having Amazon ship stuff because not only was the online price cheaper, we also didn't have to pay for gas. (We live 30 minutes away from the largest city and 60 minutes from large metropolitan shopping centers.) Now, even though gas prices have hit a 10 year low, we still have Prime and continue to use it. We still drive for groceries, but other non-food items all come from Amazon. From clothes to carbon gaskets. I do 100% of my holiday, anniversary, and birthday shopping through Amazon. In our household Amazon holds a brand recognition to that of Google.


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