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More efficient new LEDs now available, over 200lm/W


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by on 2016-04-20 09:52 (#1B510)

I remember reading two scientific papers about this, one was about significantly increasing visibility around dusk and dawn, when the sodium lights are not very efficient (illumination-wise, not energy-wise) It could, for instance, help reduces accidents at pedestrian street-crossing. The other sounded less scientific and tried to show a decrease in crimes when using whiter lamps.

And I've heard so many times the argument "LED consume less energy" touted that I actually believed LED were much more efficient than sodium lights already. Could it be possible that the people ordering all new lights to be LEDs incorrectly assume the same?

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by on 2016-04-20 16:48 (#1B6GQ)

Even for household applications, compact fluorescent bulbs often have a higher efficiency rating (in terms of Lumens per Watt) than LEDs. However, LED bulbs are pretty close, especially when compared to incandescent, and are still improving. Add in the instant startup, the more focused output, and the whole no-mercury thing, and it's no wonder why the new LED technology is quickly becoming the new "green" favorite.

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