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Walmart, Home Depot suing Visa, MasterCard over not allowing use of chip+PIN


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by on 2016-06-23 07:41 (#1J3NF)

requiring PINs with credit card transactions could cause confusion for consumers
We've been using credit cards with PINs in EU for at least 10 years (country-dependent, some countries have been a bit slower) and I don't remember anyone being confused about it. What kind of confusion are they talking about? Maybe mixing up the various PINs we use (phone, debit card, eID, etc.)? or some other kind of confusion?

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by on 2016-06-23 08:32 (#1J3RM)

That's the catch-all term used when someone doesn't want to change something. People are accustomed to signing, so asking them to enter a pin is a change. Anyone who deals with the public knows there are a few who are unable to follow the simplest instructions, and will get frustrated when any routine in their life is changed.

It costs some money to include a flier in each monthly bill explaining the change. And any changes will cause a little bit of slow-down when phased-in, but it is actually the retailers who will bear the slow-down who are DEMANDING this change.


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