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by on 2014-05-14 10:09 (#1K5)

I am happy to have learned vim and use it to this day for many scripting and general writing tasks.

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I actually enjoy using vim, so when it came to writing I stuck with the tried and true. It's convinient that I can use it locally, or remotely. Setting up custom syntax highlighting is something I've taken to as well. I'm a very weak writer, and I've tried to avoid certain words I'm prone to overusing by highlighting them. Word completion is a surprisingly useful feature too.

You need to use what you're comfortable with - which could even be a typewriter. Clippy offering to fix your purple prose does you no favors in staying focused and immersed. I find it really sad how so much software has become fustrating to use. I see so much productivity lost compared to many of those old school DOS applications focused on getting things done.

Although sometimes you just need to let go and move on. I still use Paint Shop Pro 5, but I realize some tasks take a huge amount of effort when they really shouldn't (if I used something more advanced).


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