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What Is Your Offsite Storage Solution?


Was tempted... (Score: 1)

by on 2014-05-16 17:01 (#1NZ) answer "my butt" or "right here in my pants", but bravely managed to resist.

Back on topic, I've been avoiding the offsite backup thing because I never thought I had anything so terribly important that it required that sort of protection. Backups, absolutely yes, but offsite? Nope. Then again, I'm also someone who can't imagine the house burning down or flooding (or what if both??). That said, I have briefly looked into Amazon Glacier. Do I really, really need to insure all those photos of my trips and videos of my cats are protected against acts of god/fsm or theft? Those of you who do do offsite backups, what sort of data are you protecting/preserving?


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