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How long before a self-driving car is hacked and "weaponized"?


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by on 2016-08-23 01:29 (#1RB16)

Seems like asking "How long before chainsaws are weaponized". Both are pretty-close to a weapon in their regular form.

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by on 2016-08-23 21:05 (#1RE1D)

>Seems like asking "How long before chainsaws are weaponized". Both are pretty-close to a weapon in their regular form.

Well, yes, but chainsaws aren't on the verge of being able to operate autonomously. People screw up and cause accidents with both chainsaws and cars, but chainsaws aren't usually used in crowds or operated in swarms (like traffic) the way cars are. No one is busy outfitting chainsaws to work without human guidance and they aren't usually let loose on the highways where they could cause major havoc. A chainsaw is typically a one-on-one operation and when you drop it, it usually stops being an active hazard. Autonomous cars have the ability to cause far more damage to groups of people, especially if driven into a crowd or made to cross into oncoming traffic.

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by on 2016-08-25 14:15 (#1RKZQ)

Oh my sweet, sweet, summer child.

NOTE: I realize there's probably someone controlling this from a remote, which you see at one point, but it's a pretty small step for this to be automatized.

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by on 2016-08-25 16:39 (#1RMG5)


There are loads of companies working on developing autonomous vehicles; I doubt there's even one working on developing autonomous chainsaws.

If you really think that chainsaws are as a big a potential danger as autonomous vehicles are, I have some wonderful seaside property in Arizona I'd like to sell you. I also own a bridge in New York I'd be willing to part with for the right price.

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by on 2016-08-25 17:17 (#1RMKM)

My original comment was meant as a joke.

That said.
There are people working on autonomous drones.
This flying chainsaw is basically a chainsaw attached to a drone.
It's not a huge step to imagine some doofus thinking it would be a good idea to attach a chainsaw to an autonomous drone, for reasons. After all there was some doofus that thought attaching a chainsaw to a regular drone was a good idea.

I'm pretty sure all those companies developing autonomous cars are doing their damned best to secure them. They'll be sued into oblivion pretty quick if someone can demonstrate an easy method to hack these cars to go running people over. I think someone would have to be pretty dumb, or at least extremely dishonest, to think autonomous vehicles are going to pose any significant danger. There's no way they're going to release a car that's any MORE dangerous than existing manually driven cars.

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