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Windows Tablets/Phones are irrelevant. (Score: 1)

by on 2014-05-22 14:18 (#1VM)

It's a completely irrelevant product in the marketplace. Some people might know "that guy" that had a windows phone, then ditched it for something useful. The Microsoft marketing machine(which is amazing) spins it as "if you just give it a chance" or "a superior product that's unappreciated" and other such nonsense..but we all really know the truth: Phones/Tablets are either Android or Apple.

Even the formerly hard core Microsoft people I know think of MS tablets/phones/windows8 as a joke... And these are the folks that have been telling me everything Microsoft does is gold for years... Now they are installing Windows 7 professional(aka Windows XP v2) and can't come up with any defense for any of the windows 8 nonsense.

The only good thing I can say about windows 8.x is it's doing more to damage Microsoft's desktop monopoly than anything a competitor could ever do. As to using it? It's banned from every company I have exposure to so I likely won't have more than a token exposure to it for years to come.

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