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No numberpad for text? (Score: 1)

by on 2016-10-09 17:39 (#1XGZT)

I remember the days when the texting first hit the teenage audience in a widespread manner, and damn did they learn to type fast using just the number pad, which was their only input method. I can't fathom how impossible it will be to use the itty-bitty touchscreen anywhere close to as quick. I'm still convinced the physical keyboard will always be the quickest input method, regardless of how large or how smart the touchscreen is.

Now get off my lawn.

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by on 2016-10-09 19:22 (#1XH7Q)

It's hardly "itty-bitty". The touch-screen alone is 3.5", which was considered BIG just a few years ago. The iPhone 4S had the same 3.5" screen size (circa 2012).

There's no bigger fan of (full QWERTY) hardware keyboards than yours truly (see: #3NZG), but I absolutely HATE T9 (text on 9 keys) input. Back when I had a phone with T9 as the only option, I simply didn't send texts to anybody, nearly ever. T9 has given us all manner of ugly, unwieldy "txtslang" terms we're only slowly getting away from (like "smthg"), as input was so cumbersome that learning a new shorthand language was quicker than both parties writing messages in full and proper English. The most primitive on-screen keyboards are superior to that nightmare.

The physical keypad could still be quite useful. Android has lots of games, and mechanical buttons with tactile feedback would be far superior to control by touching nondescript regions on a smooth screen. Perhaps also for controlling apps such as music players.

Re: No numberpad for text? (Score: 1)

by on 2016-10-16 00:01 (#1Y7JN)

Very interesting to me as I need the flipphone's solid protection of the main screen (otherwise it won't be long before it gets broken in the barn), prefer the form factor in my hand and by my ear, and vastly prefer having physical phone controls rather than on-screen.

Right now I use a $12 retard phone because it has the really necessary stuff (protected screen, physical controls) and I can live without the Android features and I don't text. But this looks like a good hybrid best-of-both -- if I can't have a full physical keyboard, this is the next best thing. It's the same size as my retired smartphone (also a ZTE; nothing wrong with the hardware, the problem is Virgin Mobile -- you've been warned) which is plenty big for my uses.

Next question, which I didn't see answered in TFA -- is it going to be available not locked to Tracfone? Verizon is good here but my Verizon account is a lot cheaper than Tracfone.

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