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Tech that I'm nostalgic for:


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by on 2014-06-23 11:46 (#282)

Gopher: content without the web's B.S.
Hi-Fi sets: you actually sat down in front of one and just listened to music

Reading my own post, I realize there is a common theme in the 2 technologies. Back in the day, content was king. Nowadays, content is just background noise. The mindless and fragmentary way we consume it reveals that it's completely devalued.

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Yay for gopher!

As of a few weeks ago, I now run a minimal gopher server. All it serves is some limited information on the state of a customised IdleRPG
I notice that there are very few compliant gopher clients. I'm writing some patches for w3m presently to fix the bugs in its implementation (it directly disobeys some "the client must" and "must not"s).

While sniffing around that machine, I notice that my fucking apache server has been rooted, so I'll be decomissioning it, and rebuilding as soon as I can. However, I plan to have the gopher service running again ASAP afterwards.

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