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by on 2014-06-24 13:17 (#28T)
Amusing editorial -- starts out straight, then turns into fiction.
Since I was sworn to secrecy, the only thing I can say about the location is that Big Data resides in a bunker-like facility sheltered in a deep forest in one of the states surrounding the Great Lakes. You'd never know that it exists, because there's a popular bar in front of it that's a favorite of the locals. Little do they know that the guy they know as "B.D." is in fact, the man himself: Big Data.
After the comely PR woman (complete with plaid shirt, tight jeans and a pair of kick-ass boots) plied me with Leinenkugels and a couple of brats, I was ushered out back and then guided down steps to a well-lit tunnel that I'm guessing was about 100 feet in length.

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