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Firefox usage slipping fast


Standing Still and Shooting Itself For 15 Years (Score: 1)

by Anonymous Coward on 2014-07-09 15:13 (#2CR)

In spite of their best efforts to do exactly nothing, Mozilla still has the better browser engine with better plugin support.

Its perennial and terminal memory leaks, however, go on and on and on. One cannot leave any Mozilla browser resident for much longer than a couple of days before memory use becomes freaking ridiculous, leading to inevitable reboots (on ALL platforms, Win, Lin, and Mac).

I would have stuck with Chromium, but it really sucks -- pages load strangely, caching is just weird, and most importantly the plugin architecture doesn't really work. If you care about blocking ads smoothly and effectively, you're not using Chrome.

It does not surprise me, at all, that Firefox is declining. They've done NOTHING over 15 years except (a) suck Google's teat, (b) relentlessly and poorly copy Chrome, (c) reduce features again and again, and (d) IGNORE and deny and FAIL to address their chronic memory leaks.

It doesn't help that Google scummily (via malware-ish bundling) pushed Chrome down people's throats and that people let them do it, 'cuz Google.

Mozilla Foundation has been an abject failure as a force for good open source software. Firefox itself was a mediocre idea, poorly executed, and their purposeful burying of both MozSuite/Seamonkey and Thunderbird is just shameful. They have proven they don't deserve the eyeballs. Oh yeah, and they really really really like promoting bigots; that probably didn't help either.

It's freaking sad that Mozilla has let Google eat its lunch so completely, from mindshare to technology lead. It wasn't for lack of (criminally squandered) funding.

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by on 2014-07-09 15:44 (#2CW)

Yeah - conspiracy theorists would probably go nuts with theories that Mozilla signed some secret agreement with Google in which they let their browser languish in exchange for millions of marketing dollars from making Google the default search engine. That's certainly a more palatable and intriguing theory to cling to, because it's more fun than the more probable and obvious one: they just suck.

Innovate, you lazy bastards! And learn how to code! And stop F-ing with the interface! I'm tired of UX/UI changes being touted as progress. It's just shuffling the deckchairs on the Titanic!


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