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by on 2014-07-11 00:35 (#2ER)

I don't understand how these projects balloon to such sizes - 169M extracted...its just a fancy text editor. and while only a poor comparison, (due to no windowed gui) VIM is 2.1M, and asfaik does way more, learning-curves aside. Or how just opening it with no files, it spawns 6 processes consuming ~35-40M each. I know its alpha, but i doubt you'll see it shrink considerable in size, if not grow larger. I've been seeing more and more of this lately, ginormous programs that offer little in proportion.

its just a text editor. that kind of size says to me that something went wrong in the design process. Have I just missed out too much on modern development realities? or is this just another convoluted/lazy coding project? (no offense to any developers, its not personal - groupthink has its ways....)


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