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New Raspberry Pi B+ announced


Woo hoo! (Score: 1)

by on 2014-07-14 14:30 (#2GK)

This is the right kind of progress. I just bought a RaspbPi to play with, and was immediately kind of put off by the sketchy SD card slot and having to swap out keyboard for USB keys because of the lack of USB ports. Furthermore because the USBs are unpowered you simply can't put an external hard drive on them, which kind of limits anyone hoping to make a NAS controller out of them or something.

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by on 2014-07-14 15:37 (#2GP)

So, what I (and I presume most people who want more out of the usb ports than the raspberry pi natively offers) do is use a powered USB hub. Works if you want to plug in an external hard drive, a beefier 802.11G/N adapter than the pi can power on its own, or really, whatever you normally can plug into a usb port on a desktop. Also, naturally, because it's a hub, you now have more ports to plug in keyboards, mice, or whatever else you care to plug in.

That's not to say that more ports aren't welcome, as this thing does look like they've made some really nice improvements (and while keeping the price the same; I'm impressed), just to point out that you can probably do more with the device you bought than it sounds like you realize.

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