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Axe about to drop at Microsoft


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by on 2014-07-17 12:13 (#2HK)

Got to appreciate the process of creative destruction, and you will if you ever work for an organization that's gotten choked with deadwood: useless middle managers, antiquated processes set in stone, ridiculous petty assistants ruling their little fiefdom like would-be dictators. The only way to fix it is to bring in a guy with a hatchet (or hey, a woman with a hatchet). That goes for Yahoo, AOL, Microsoft, the government, you name it.

Managers are like cancer. Got to occasionally cut them out before they metastasize and run amok all over your business. I think Microsoft had this coming a long time ago, but Monkeyboy Ballmer and BillG had way too much influence over every process that would've let to change. I say, let this guy swing his axe, and chop Microsoft up into something that makes good products again. It's been too long. I know it's hip to hate on Microsoft, and I am a Linux/BSD guy, but back in the day, they made some pretty good stuff. Just not anymore. Microsoft Outlook 97 was pretty damned good. Microsoft Outlook 2013 is a steaming pile of horse manure and I wish it would rot in bit hell. Just an example.

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I have nothing more to say about what you typed, other than to say that BillG is an awesome nickname and I will now always refer to him as such.


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