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Here's what happens when you blend Debian and Android


closed or open ecosystems (Score: 1)

by on 2014-07-22 22:27 (#2MG)

The promise of a computer is that it is a device to do anything you want (with a certain amount of effort). The promise of applications is they do specific things you want done (with minimal effort). Basically, we all want a computer that can run all old, current, and new applications as they are developed. What contiually amazes me is how fragmented the computing landscape is and continues to be given these basic wants that seem pretty obvious. I applaud the MicroXWin project for merging Debian and Android, but I suspect it is almost like p***ing into the wind in the combat against fragmentation. At the moment, I figure I need access to about 5 or 10 computers/tablets/phones just to be able to use all of the different applications I find rewarding. Pretty crazy really.

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