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Bruce Byfield: KDE5 Plasma is the best desktop


I'm offended! (Score: 2, Funny)

by on 2014-07-25 14:29 (#2MT)

I'll have you know, I was born without a nose and find this deeply offensive!

Fo' real though, I actually kind of dislike how cluttered most KDE apps are. I don't consider it a good thing to include everything and the kitchen sink into a program. I'd rather be given options for realistic use cases. So that's why I tend to prefer the Gnome stuff (that and the fact that they pull less libraries; have they fixed that?). If a piece of software doesn't do enough for me, I'll look XFCE's way or try to find a GTK non-gnome app that has what I need. So for example, they made nautilius pretty useless, so I'm running thunar. But when it comes to music players, I really just want a play button and a slider.... So the gnome player is fine by me.

I'd prefer if KDE programes were more extendable, rather than being cluttered by default.


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