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Nadella steering Microsoft back towards software for economic reasons


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by on 2014-07-30 10:23 (#2Q0)

I haven't really been a MS fan for quite sometime, but I like this guy. In my opinion he's making all the right choices, stick with what you do best rather than branch out and neglect your best qualities. The surface and trying to turn windows into a toy mobile OS was a huge mistake. Get rid of the Metro interface and get it back to productivity focused rather than focused on entertainment and turning office workers into advertising targets. My office pays huge gobs of money every year for MS support ON DESKTOPS we don't need a tablet OS crammed down our throats making everyone less productive.

Here's hoping Windows 9 is better. Our higher-ups have said we will not be using windows 8 and are already starting to let people in my office switch to Linux, which is great for me and my team. But, I'm not looking forward to having to running around the building explain to people, that only know how download software from unknown sources on the web and click an icon on the desktop, why the IAmAVirus.exe they just got doesn't work on their stupid box.

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