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If we're going to post more science stories here, hope they're in the field of:


Science and big happenings (Score: 1)

by on 2014-09-01 17:04 (#2RYQ)

All kind of science news (computer science, astronomy, maths etc).

Also I wish to see normal news if they have a huge impact on the earth. Local election in some countries are not interesting, unless it is a country affecting most of the earth. War, that could have big consequences are OK. A volcano spewing out enough of ashes to block airtrafic for a big part of the world is ok, the same with nuclear accidents and other really big things. Local parties arguing inside of a country is not OK.

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by on 2014-09-01 19:53 (#2RZ2)

Glad for the feedback. Maybe someone will post those political articles but I actually disliked that stuff on Slashdot and avoided those articles. When Slashdot got a "politics" tag I actually felt disappointed.

That said, the Submit button is at the top right. Let's see what the Pipe says, as every article has buttons to vote up and down. It may happen anyway!

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