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Tablet sales are down; PC sales are up. What the heck?


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by on 2014-09-02 11:26 (#2RZT)

People cried, the tablet is the new PC, and PCs are dead. I said Baloney. The only reason PC sales dipped and tablet sales spiked was because it was the hot new toy, everyone wanted one, and for some stupid reason everyone thought they could do just as much with a tablet as they could a desktop/laptop. And there is a lot you can do with a tablet, but it will not replace the desktop. I am not going to write and edit large documents on any sort of tablet. I will not do most of my gaming on a tablet. I will not administer numerous Linux and Windows boxes/VMs on a tablet. I'm not going to develop or compile code on a tablet. You can make it as powerful as you like, but the interface isn't sufficient, and like many have pointed out above, the battery life would suck, or more accurately, be sucked.


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