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Intel Reveals Luxury Smart Bracelet


Well, those are tres ugly... (Score: 2, Funny)

by on 2014-09-04 15:38 (#2S23)

This just shows that Intel has no style - but we already knew that from the x86 ISA, didn't we?

Huge, ugly, gaudy. That's the big problem with "watch-based" PIDs - they're so big and noticeable, they instantly put your nerditude on display as your fundamental characteristic. And, if that's what you want to show as your primary characteristic and all, that's fine, I guess. But you're never going to breed, either - just saying... It's just like the idiots running about with Nike fuel bands and the like - thanks, but I'd much rather deal with someone a little less "body obsessed", if you get my drift.

So basically all of these manufacturers are targeting obsessive people. It makes sense - they're more likely to be early adopters. Luckily, the fact that obsessives are willing to put these ugly things on their bodies and mark themselves as such (thanks to you Glassholes, too!), allow the rest of us more normal people to avoid them (and their idiotic stories about how life-changing their new toy is) like the plague they wear.

You want a toy to keep with you all the time that's worth talking about? Here's one. And the best thing? No one can see it while you're wearing it.


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