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"Boycott Systemd" movement takes shape


There's another "movement" to boycott systemd... (Score: 1, Interesting)

by Anonymous Coward on 2014-09-07 19:29 (#2S4M)

...and it's called Slackware. Started in 1993, with no signs of wavering.

It's been amusing watching the rest of the Linux world light itself aflame though. At this point, I'd be more likely to recommend someone leaving Windows to jump onto FreeBSD than one of the big Linux distros. Including pulseaudio by default for no good reason was a bad enough move they all seemed to rush to to do without thinking much about it first (hey, sound in Linux can be complicated sometimes due to hardware incompatibilities...let's add a totally more complex abstraction layer on top of the existing complex system and hope it makes things better!), but systemd makes that look like small potatoes (at least Pulseaudio is worthwhile software for SOME usage scenarios...).

Somewhere along the last few years, everyone seemed to forget the "if it's not broke, don't fix it" golden rule. Innovating new tools is great and all, but creation solutions without problems and then making them default across the board really doesn't help matters. It'd have been nice if they'd forked into a new line of distros at least (hell, call it Linux NT for all I care :-P), rather than really alienate people who in many cases just started learning their way around one system only to have it entirely ripped away from them and replaced by a new system upon a system upgrade (worse so for those on Ubuntu that went from sysvinit to upstart to systemd all in the space of <2 years). This sort of disorganized race to follow whatever wacky decisions come down from mostly whatever Redhat does really resembles mass insanity from the sidelines...

Re: There's another "movement" to boycott systemd... (Score: 2, Interesting)

by Anonymous Coward on 2014-09-07 19:44 (#2S4N)

However, I *do* like installers. Slack has a lot of nice points, and I even installed it once. But I moved back to Debian fairly quickly...and Debian has bought into systemd. Gentoo also doesn't have an installer, though it at least has a package manager. BSD doesn't support even reading ext4 systems on large disks, so that's out of consideration.

But I'm heard exactly ZERO reasons why *I* should like systemd.

Re: There's another "movement" to boycott systemd... (Score: 1)

by on 2014-09-08 09:39 (#2S51)

It's true, slackware's installer is pretty user unfriendly. I consider it a bit like a firewall - if you can't make it past the installer, you don't belong on the other side.

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