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The patent wars rage on: Nvidia sues Qualcomm and Samsung over their patent of 'the gpu'


Clearly targeted (Score: 1)

by on 2014-09-08 12:05 (#2S58)

It's directed at these two companies simply because they have competing mobile GPUs: Snapdragon(Adreno), and Exynos. I'd never heard of Exynos, but I think the Snapdragon was gaining ground. The first Nexus 7 had Tegra, while the second had Snapdragon.

From :
Adreno, the company's proprietary GPU series, integrated into Snapdragon chips (and certain other Qualcomm chips) is Qualcomm's own design, using assets the company acquired from AMD.[5]
Why are they not going up against AMD/ATI? Surely they have infringed on the GPU patent much more since they have been around longer if the allegations are true.

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