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Take vitamins or no? Controversy supercedes the studies


I'm still okay with taking them (Score: 0)

by Anonymous Coward on 2014-09-08 22:38 (#2S62)

I'd assume they recommend them because cost is negligible, and they won't do any harm either. Maybe you are part of that small subset.

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by on 2014-09-09 07:14 (#2S6C)

My optometrist (that I visited mainly because they where allied with the LASIK operation that I undertook) not only advocated vitamins, but a vitamin monthly subscription called "Juice Plus." On my last appointment, they made this sales pitch so obvious that I thought they would also ask me if I wanted a vacuum cleaner, or maybe some Cutco knives. I'm convinced that this doctor's office doesn't really care about the vitamins, but cares more about getting a monthly monetary "cut" from the pill manufacturer for the referral.

I don't visit that doctor anymore.


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