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The worst thing about going back to work on Monday is:


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by on 2014-09-09 09:32 (#2S6M)

I generally like going to work. I'd rather be spending time with my kids, but doesn't mean I dislike going into work.

Missing option would be having to wake up early :-)

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Yeah, I was also missing some options in this poll.
  • My boss: reasonable
  • My employees: motivated and skilled
  • My co-workers: intelligent
  • The software and systems: we write our own or install what we need
  • The bureaucracy and administration: moderate, but appropriate
  • The workload: I usually leave at 5
  • The point of it all: direct, significant impact on financial results of a large company
Quantitative finance is great if you avoid the long hours (and questionable ethics) of an investment bank or hedge fund. (And we're hiring, if you can code and price derivatives.)

My main issues are that I have to get up early and that I can't do other things that I'd prefer even more, like getting work done around the house or playing games. But the work itself is not a negative. Then again, I always looked forward to school too...


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