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Popular PGP Email add-on Enigmail addresses security gaps


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by Anonymous Coward on 2014-09-11 00:59 (#2S96)

I actually RTFA this time and completely disagree. There's nothing remotely hyperbolic about the vulnerabilities, the shameful lack of disclosure, or the teacher/journalist's quote.

Who goes to all the trouble of using e-mail encryption? The paranoid, hobbyists, and PEOPLE WHO REALLY NEED IT.

Of mother*(@#&%()& COURSE someone being tortured as a direct result of this false encryption is a very real possibility.

I've never used this particular plugin, in part since like most people I've given in to the inevitability of government surveillance over everything (and in part because its use actually draws attention, and most of all because no one else can read your mail to them without a major hassle on their part). But I am moderately shocked at how badly the developers handled this situation, if this report is to be believed....

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