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FFmpeg back in Debian


Debian is a dying project. (Score: -1, Troll)

by Anonymous Coward on 2014-10-01 02:17 (#2T19)

Debian is a dying project. It is like Mozilla and GNOME. Once, a long time ago, they were all relevant. But then they started to crap all over their users. That's one thing that an open source project or organization of any type cannot do: crap on its users. These users have ample choice. They will leave. Disgruntled Debian users have already moved to Gentoo and FreeBSD. Disgruntled Firefox users have moved to Chrome. Disgruntled GNOME users have moved to KDE and Xfce. I don't even think that Debian, Mozilla or GNOME can redeem themselves. Their names have become synonymous with getting crapped on. Soon their names will be synonymous with complete and utter failure.

Re: Debian is a dying project. (Score: -1, Offtopic)

by Anonymous Coward on 2014-10-02 12:28 (#2T26)

I think I'm done with Pipedot. The parent comment should be +5, Insightful, not -1, Troll.

The moderation here is worse than it is on /. or SN.

Good comments like that one should be celebrated, not shunned!

Re: Debian is a dying project. (Score: 3, Insightful)

by on 2014-10-02 13:47 (#2T28)

It would possibly be +5 on slashdot because it really appeals to the hivemind there. It is -1 here because the comment is simply wrong. It might be nice to think those companies you think have slighted you are now "dying", but they are all doing pretty well right now. The parent was just a self-righteous rant. More to the point, the companies named generally made changes with the intention of making themselves more appealing to certain users. That is not "crapping on their users" as was incorrectly claimed.

If not automatically +1'ing every thing that appeals to the internet hivemind bothers you, then this is no big loss to pipedot.

Re: Debian is a dying project. (Score: -1, Offtopic)

by Anonymous Coward on 2014-10-02 20:02 (#2T2C)

So you're the one who keeps downmodding reasonable ACs. Thanks for finally coming out of the closet.

For the record, I am neither the grandparent poster in question nor the guy you were replying to.

The GP was strident but was in no way a troll. If you're the person who downmodded it, you are making a mistake. He stated an opinion with some supporting detail and comparisons.

You are killing Pipedot, skarjak. Your one powerful little downvote sets the "-1" and keeps your registered brethren from seeing the discussion. This place has the best ACs I've ever seen, and you or someone like you keeps downmodding them arbitrarily and denying other users a viable conversation. Heck, even Zafiro (and perhaps Bryan) has commented on how wrong-headed you are and how unfortunate it is that very reasonable AC posts, ones that generate good discussion, are "disappeared".

Just stop it, man. You're wrong, and if you're an adult you can deal with that.

Re: Debian is a dying project. (Score: 1)

by on 2014-10-03 09:06 (#2T2H)

I could make a lengthy comment about why I think the original AC is wrong (also evilpiper already made a good point over here) and why his post qualifies as a rant (the Troll mod might be exagerated ... or not, let the mods decide), but instead I will summarize my thoughts in the standard good old-fashioned way:
Debian is a dying project.
[citation needed] (insert netcraft-related jokes here)

disclaimers: I did not downmod the original AC but I won't upmod it either

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