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Let's hear it for genetic mutation (Score: 1)

by on 2014-10-18 19:47 (#2TF6)

I think a little genetic mutation would be a good thing these days ... shake up the gene pool, a bit. I live in West Africa as I've mentioned, where malaria is a huge issue, and I've read that malarial mosquitos are currently exerting the single greatest evolutionary force on the human race at the moment, meaning so many people die from malaria that it's almost certainly causing a mutation of some sort that will hopefully work in our advantage.

Seems like the rest of the diseases are back in force and our drugs are using their potency. Back on topic, mutations like this one fascinate me. Who knows what else there is to perceive out there if we could just alter our systems a bit. Or get bitten by a spider, or whatever.

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